Construction Accounting and Financial Management

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Prentice Hall, 2009 - 582 من الصفحات
This book takes general business accounting and financial principles as well as engineering economics and adapts them to the unique characteristics of the construction industry. It provides all of the key financial management principles needed by construction managers under one cover, addressing how they are applied in the construction industry and how they interact. This book teaches students how to account for the company's financial resources, how to manage the costs and profits of a construction company, how to manage the company's cash flows, how to evaluate different sources of funding a company's cash needs, and how to quantitatively analyze financial decisions.

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Steven Peterson, MBA, PE; Associate Professor of Construction Management, Weber State University.


Mr. Peterson's specialty is the financial side of the construction industry, including construction accounting, finance, and estimating.  He has written two textbooks.  In his first textbook, Construction Accounting and Financial Management, he shows construction managers how to take common accounting, financial, and other business principals and adapt these to the unique characteristics of the construction industry.  In his second textbook, Construction Estimating using Excel, he shows construction managers how to use the power of Excel throughout the estimating process.  He has published a number of articles in Estimating Today, the Official Publication of the American Society of Professional Estimators.


Mr. Peterson came to Weber State University from the construction industry where he spent five years working as a senior project manager for medium sized companies.  He began his career in construction in 1985 as an estimator for a small general contractor.  Other work in the construction industry includes four years as site engineer for a hazardous/radioactive landfill, working as a superintendent, and overseeing the design and construction of Superfund cleanup projects for the State of Utah.


Professor Peterson graduated with a BS in engineering and a MBA from the University of Utah.  He is a licensed professional engineer in the State of Utah.

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