Images of Empire: Photographic Sources for the British in the Sudan

الغلاف الأمامي
Martin W. Daly, Jane R. Hogan
BRILL, 2005 - 391 من الصفحات
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This book highlights the richness of photographic sources for the study of one European colonial entity in Africa, the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan. Photographs from the extraordinary Sudan Archive of the University of Durham illustrate important aspects of the colonial experience and provide both important information in their own right and essential context for the study of the period. An introductory essay surveys the era, the documentary sources for its study, and the nature of the photographic record. The book will serve as both a model and an inspiration for the discovery, collection, conservation, and use of photographs as sources for the study of other outposts of the British Empire.

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The Journey Out
The North
The South
Official Architecture
The British Connection
The Sudan at War
British Women in the Sudan
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M.W. Daly, Ph.D. (1977) London, is the author or editor of several books on the Sudan, including Empire on the Nile (Cambridge, 1986), Imperial Sudan (Cambridge, 1991), and A history of the Sudan (Longman, 5th ed. 2000).
Jane R. Hogan, Assistant Keeper at Durham University Library since 1990, with responsibility for the Sudan Archive.

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