Kids on YouTube: Technical Identities and Digital Literacies

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Left Coast Press, 15‏/03‏/2014 - 288 من الصفحات
The mall is so old school—these days kids are hanging out on YouTube, and depending on whom you ask, they're either forging the digital frontier or frittering away their childhoods in anti-intellectual solipsism. Kids on YouTube cuts through the hype, going behind the scenes to understand kids' everyday engagement with new media. Debunking the stereotype of the self-taught computer whiz, new media scholar and filmmaker Patricia G. Lange describes the collaborative social networks kids use to negotiate identity and develop digital literacy on the 'Tube. Her long-term ethnographic studies also cover peer-based and family-driven video-making dynamics, girl geeks, civic engagement, and representational ethics. This book makes key contributions to new media studies, communication, science and technology studies, digital anthropology, and informal education.

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Ways with Video
Specialization and Relational Expertise
Chapter 3 Girl Geeking Out on Youtube
Chapter 4 Mediated Civic Engagement
Chapter 5 VideoMediated Lifestyles
Chapter 6 Representational Ideologies
Chapter 7 On Being SelfTaught
Chapter 8 Conclusion
An Ethographic Approach
About The Author
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Patricia G. Lange is an Assistant Professor of Critical Studies at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. Recognized as an expert on YouTube and new media, she has been published in a wide variety of scholarly journals and contributed to the first edited volumes on YouTube, She is a co-author of Hanging Out, Messing Around, and Geeking Out: Kids Living and Learning with New Media (2010), and Living and Learning with New Media: Summary of Findings from the Digital Youth Project (2009). She has also released the ethnographic film Hey Watch This! Sharing the Self Through Media (2013), a diachronic investigation of YouTube as a social media site. Lange is the inaugural Editor-in-Chief of The CASTAC Blog, the official blog of the American Anthropological Association’s Committee on the Anthropology of Science, Technology and Computing. For more information visit

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