Identity, Privacy, And Personal Freedom: Big Brother vs The New Resistance

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Paladin Press, 01‏/09‏/1999 - 240 من الصفحات
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Have you had enough of power-mad government agencies that use identity documents like the Social Security card to approve what you do for a living, keep tabs on how much money you have and control just about every facet of your life? Learn how to use ID tricks to maximise your privacy with your mail, phone, Internet service, job, bank and marriage. For Academic Study Only

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حول المؤلف (1999)

Sheldon Charrett is the author of many books on Identity Change, Privacy, and Personal Freedom. His only contact with Paladin is through electronic means, as he likes to keep a low profile, and who knows what new ID he may be using currently? You too can contact Sheldon by accessing his Web site: /

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